Apple Maps

Its been predicted that by 2015, 1 billion iOS devices will be used by consumers. With this in mind, it means more consumers will be utilizing the iOS resources, especially Apple Maps. Using Google places to display your location and business information will not be enough to interact with your market in coming years. With larger numbers on the horizon for iOS users, it is time to tap into Apple Maps.

The most important thing when using Apple Maps to represent your business, is making sure that the information displayed is accurate. Apple Maps uses a range of sources, just like Google places to compile your business information. If your information is incorrect on the database it is best to rectify it and maintain your online reputation. You can do this simply by click on the “Report A Problem” button.

It is also adamant that Apple Maps recognizes your business in their searches. if you do not become a result when searched with an name and address, make sure you change this ASAP! Not being a result when searched can be because of a few reasons – a mix-up of same name locations or your location and business is not entered into the Apple Maps database.

Unfortunately there is no direct way of adding your business to Apple Maps directory but by venturing through the links of “Report A Problem” you will be able to edit the information.

Another thing to note when using Apple Maps, any reviews – positive or negative, will also come attached to the search results. This can obviously deter potential consumers and if the 3 attached reviews are somewhat negative. The best solution for this is to maintain a high level of service and keep consumers happy. Knowingly this can be easier said than done.

With these reviews an accompanying image will be also be attached to your directory profile. A good idea would be to make sure that is somewhat relative to your business and will have a positive and impressionable affect on your audience.

Using Apple Maps smoothly without any technical hiccups may still be far off, however it is definitely still being used by a large amount of consumers and worth getting involved in. always check your data regularly to compensate for any errors that may have been caused on iOS behalf.