App Vs Mobile Site

Numbers are steadily rising for consumers using their mobile devices over PC’s. The updated numbers recorded this month by Google have increased to 77% of mobile device being favored by users over a PC, all of which are browsing the net whilst in their home or work and have a readily accessible PC in close proximity.

The biggest decision most companies have is to decide, if they will have an app or a responsive site for their business. How do you know which will be the right fit and be more functional and profitable for your products or services? It truly all comes back to what drives your business. Depending on your service or product that you sell, an app may be more efficient for your business. For example if your business is an eatery or bar, you can easily display the menu and also add an ordering system for take-away or a booking system to eat in. Having these types of functions displayed on an app then through a rendered site will make the tasks more simplified and a quicker process.

If your business offered a range of services or products with detailed information, a rendered site may be a better option over an app. With the large quantity of content that is very detailed, having it displayed through pages on a site may be easier to navigate and find the information you are after in a quicker time frame.

Although there is nothing saying or suggesting that you can’t have both. Perhaps your business provides a large range of services and products and depending on these it may be more substantial to have both a rendered site and an app to appeal to all aspects of your audience. It is important to also factor in your consumers behaviors. Demographically more people use and are dependent on different functions of their mobile devices. The younger generations are more drawn to apps because of the wide variety of games and roles they play in everyday life. Many people of the older age are still warming up to apps and their purposes with daily tasks.

Marketing your app may also be a challenge. If you are not getting a consistent flow of traffic to your site, where you can easily advertise your app. It will be unknown until it gathers momentum. Using strong social media marketing techniques, you will be able to inform your followers of your app through newsletters, displayed icons on sites, tweets or status updates. Another emerging trend is a pop ad that centers the rendered screen on the mobile device to ask if you would like to view this on their app before you can see the whole screen. This persistent advertising and promotion will be sure enough to get your consumers to download your app and utilize its benefits.

As more people are becoming more spontaneous with their searches, they are more dependent on the internet sources that are available from their mobile devices. Whether you decide to create an app or render your website or do both, it is necessary for a platform of your business to be easily accessible on a mobile device.