All About The Apps

Websites, social media profiles and marketing campaigns are useful resources to help develop and build your brand. However a new tool is now becoming a necessity in boosting the awareness of your company and your product.

Mobile applications really started taking off when Apple released its famous App Store in July of 2008. Since then people have become readily addicted to downloading new apps and relying heavily on them for information, completing tasks, entertainment and connecting with friends. A survey that was conducted this year showed that around half mobile users in the US alone own smartphones. With predictions for 70% of US mobile devices to be smartphones in 2013, it is the right time to build your mobile app to help develop and grow your business.

When it comes to designing your mobile app, you need to consider what will suit and engage your target audience. Depending on the services and products your business offers, it will need to be designed accordingly. For example if your business is within the beauty field, the interaction through this app will be different to a fast food business app, it may list products and locations where as a fast food app you can book your meal and track its delivery.

It’s important to also evaluate if your app will reach the right people. If your product or service is directed mainly towards on older demographic, they may be in the small percentile that do not own a smart phone. Knowing your target market inside and out will truly help you to grow your business and also ensure that your app will be a success.

Consumers will be more willing to use your app if it has some sort of reward – a discount or deal. It will entice people in and also make them check regularly for new updates. Cheaper products or services will drive people to purchase on the spot.

Keep the app simple and also entertaining. With the increase of work load and hours worked, people want to have a break and be distracted but not be overwhelmed. If your app is a way of making necessary tasks more simplified, it will make them seem like less of a burden and consumers will continue to use this app to complete these duties.

Focusing on keeping your customers happy will build a loyal following. To keep your app thriving and also your business, invest back into the users. Maintaining this rewarding relationship with your clients will assemble a positive reputation and you will gain new users through recommendations.

When designing and creating your app its important to clarify exactly what you want your app to achieve: sales, awareness, expansion of the business and the best way to market this. The overall design and flow of the app needs to be in synch and extra features such as email requests and log in information need to thoughtfully considered.

Small business’ should definitely take advantage of the world of mobile apps and reap the benefits that come with having an app. It is positively a big step for any company and allows you to become a player in the field with the big businesses.