Advice on SEO

If you have decided to implement SEO for your business, you need to know the working of search engines and also some things related to search engines that may help you to know how to drive traffic to your site.

Search engines are the most famous tools that people use for searching anything, search engines takes too many queries per day by many people searching for products and services from all around the world.

Search engines have a text box that is used for typing keywords containing 2 to 5 words. After entering a keyword, search engine provides you results that are the most relevant to the term you searched for. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique to transform your site from an ordinary site to search engine friendly site and prepare it in such a way that it should be able to attract new visitors or customers to your site. It should be known to you that which keywords you need to target.

Mostly users view only 3-4 pages of result, so you need to optimize your site for placing it in top 30 results.

There are 4 types of search engines –¬†

  1. Crawlers
  2. Meta Engines
  3. Human Edited Directories
  4. Paid inclusion Engines
  1. Crawlers are the engines that use software that scans sites to rank them.
  2. Meta engines obtain results from several search engines, thus providing you the most relevant results.
  3. Human edited directories provide you content found from crawler engines.
  4. Paid inclusion engines are called as PPC advertising.