Advantages of WordPress

By creating blogs and websites, businesses increase their online visibility among people that use internet. It is a well known fact that quality content is vital for any website. Quality content is very crucial for improving a website’s rank. WordPress is such software that allows a user to write, edit and update and manage the content online.

WordPress offers many advantages – 

  1. 1. WordPress is simple, easy to learn and use. It is very simple software and it does not need any technical knowledge to operate and use it. It provides a user friendly environment to user.
  2. 2. It is free or open source software means many people are working on it. Themes are also freely available; some amount is paid for using some themes that meet your specifications.
  3. 3. Adding a blog to your website is very easy in WordPress. Installing WordPress is very easy. WordPress can be installed easily on your server or through WordPress hosting website.
  4. 4. WordPress offers many tools to change and modify the look and design your website. WordPress provides the facility to customize your website or blog very quickly.
  5. 5. WordPress is favored by Google as it is SEO friendly and blogs published through WordPress is easy to find in Google and other search engines like Yahoo, Bing etc.
  6. 6. WordPress is safe. WordPress offers online security to your website and blogs by plug-ins that helps in making a site or blog safer.
  7. 7. WordPress can install plug-ins easily. Plug-ins help in adding many things like pictures, videos, maps, applications etc. You can utilize all these facilities in WordPress in a very low cost.