A Penny For Your Thoughts

It has become a high paying job these days to post your opinions, ideas and inspirations. Who thought that that could earn you a quick buck or two? American blogger, Arianne Huffington, owner of the globally hit blog ‘The Huffington Post’ is earning $29,896.00 a day. The ‘Huffington Post’ is a daily updated online newsfeed for national and also global news. It includes posts from guest bloggers and is greatly interactive with live feeds. Not only news worthy blogs are earning the big bucks, Fashion bloggers, to medical and health advice to cooking blogs are also getting paid a high fee. It’s incredible to think that from something so simple as posting a collection of photographs, to a subjective article on the presidential campaign or a gluten free chocolate cake recipe can produce such an enormous amount of money.

With the blogs ranging from business know-hows to celebrity gossip and all that in between, there is interest from followers for all types of fields, but how do you truly build a blog following? After researching many blogs, it definitely doesn’t happen with the snap of your fingers. Building a blog takes awhile, just like starting out a business and growing your online presence and reputation.

Starting out is always a bit of a challenge, but once you have developed your online following the only way is up. To steer your blog upwards you must maintain consistency of quality and quantity. If you  begin with the bar raised too high and are posting too often, you have now set the standard for yourself to continue with this number of posts. Pace yourself, if you want things to work, progressively move into more posts.

Paying close attention to your readers search items will help get the ball rolling. Making sure your content includes words that will help draw in the traffic and also that your content is entertaining and interesting, so they will stay on your page, re-post it, flick through the archives and return to it in a few days.

Research your target market. If it’s a niche group filter through the common interests and propose leasing deals with these products and vice versa. If you’re a business looking to advertise, use popular bloggers as marketing tool to reach your target audience. There is a range of types of ads that can be used to place on a blogging website – banners, images, text ads, etc.

The more interest and hype you can build around your blog, the more offers will flow in and the word of mouth will spread. Be sure to be involved in your blog and make rapports with followers and other blogs to keep up your reputation and also to show your involvement with your blog.

When adding posts to your blog be sure to write the things you are interested in and or are relevant to you, not what you think people will want to read. Show your passion through writing and alike minds will be captured.