A Brief Overview of WordPress and Joomla

This is the era where Content Management Systems are getting popular. WordPress and Joomla are such two examples of CMS. WordPress and Joomla are well established platforms used by many people in the online world. Generally website owners use many open source software in their sites. They use WordPress or Joomla to create, design and develop their websites as they are cost effective, simple and easy to learn and manage.

All the companies that offer website development services use WordPress and Joomla to create websites. These companies have proficiency in creating websites by using WordPress, Joomla etc. They have ability to customize websites with the use of WordPress and Joomla.

There are some differences between WordPress and Joomla –

  1. If we see both of them on the basis of usability then WordPress is better than Joomla. It is very easy and simple for both the user and the developer. Joomla provides many features but WordPress is more flexible and easy to use.
  2. WordPress is popular for blogging while Joomla is an advanced CMS. WordPress is easy and provides different functionalities to the blogs by add-ons. While Joomla has many components that target every business and market.
  3. WordPress is search engine friendly by default; therefore the WordPress sites get high rank in the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN. While joomla needs some customization to make a Joomla site search engine friendly.
  4. Joomla websites can be easily integrated with third party software. Joomla has a powerful API which can be used to enhance the functionality of a site.