3 Easy Instagram Tips You Can Implement Today

Social media is here to stay, and it could offer significant advantages for your business when it comes to attracting new clients. But what if you’re already feeling overwhelmed? This article outlines three super easy tips you can implement today on Instagram to make your life easier and get more out of social media.

Use Content Pillars

A content pillar is an array of topics that form the basis of your content strategy on Instagram. As Instagram is such a visual medium, you can signal different topics visually using certain colour schemes or kinds of media. For example, you might use certain hues for text posts, which may include promotions, sales or inspirational quotes. By using similar colours for certain types of posts, your audience will come to be familiar with the types of posts you make, and you can build an expectation for the next one. Your profile pattern is also a place to be strategic with the kinds of posts you make. You can create appealing patterns by deliberately posting certain kinds of posts in alternating sequences. For product shots, keep the photos clean and bright so all the focus is on the product. For lifestyle shots, put your products in the context of how they’re usually used and allow your followers to imagine themselves using your wares.

Clearly Define Your Post Layout

Don’t let your hashtags be all up in people’s faces when they’re trying to read your post copy. You can separate those bad guys from your post copy with a vertical line of commas or full stops in between. Then just put your hashtags at the bottom. Some people like to put their hashtags in the first comment instead, but it has been proven that posts with hashtags in the copy section are rewarded with more engagement. Here’s an example of a good post layout:

Your post copy here
#your #hashtags #here

Schedule It

When you’re trying to do Instagram on the fly, it can be stressful and you may not be putting your best foot forward. Give yourself some breathing room by planning ahead and scheduling your posts using software like Hootsuite or Later. These programs allow you to prepare and schedule your posts ahead of time, which allows you to better plan out your content.

Need More Help With Your Socials?

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