New Ads Manager, New Campaigns

Facebook has announced its new restructured Ads Manager that will be released globally in the coming weeks. This new tweaked tool will allow advertisers to narrow down through their results to certain specifics of their campaign. This new filtered metrics will allow businesses to analyse each aspect of their advertising campaign in more depth.

This new break down of data will greatly benefit advertisers, their marketing budgets and social media marketing strategies. By closely reviewing each segment of their Facebook campaign, it is easy for businesses to determine which sections are improving their online awareness and which are not making an impact. This ability to focus in on a specific section of the campaign will also help markets and business developers to analyse and review their target markets behavior through event responses, Likes and other social engaging.

This updated Ads Manager allows each advertiser to manage their marketing goals and consistently review their approach and make appropriate changes. The previous version of Ads Manager was a brief summary of the overall social media campaign without any definite details to each component. The older version made it difficult to collate statistics and present the findings to not only colleagues but also to clients.

This more technical version will help companies to track their progress and also Return On Investment. With this new tool, more companies will be considering advertising their business on Facebook, now that they can easily manage and analyse each module of their social marketing campaign.