Turning To Tumblr.

Every company or business understands the important need for a strong online marketing campaign. Within this campaign they must have a developed social media platform from which they assist their marketing and continue to build their brand awareness whilst connecting to their target audience.

Deciding as to which social media is most suited to your business or products can be difficult. One of the platforms that tend to be overlooked is Tumblr. With over 86.8 million blogs and users hooked to spending an estimated 1.5hrs per month on the site, Tumblr is definitely a social networking tool worth considering.

The micro blogging platform that was launched in 2007 has evolved into a visually dynamic display of intriguing images or animated GIFS, accompanied by witty wording to help convey feelings and emotions. Until recently this visual story telling has been absent from most digital online marketing.

Due to its ability to capture audiences through these visual movements, more and more brands are beginning to utilise what Tumblr has to offer. Iconic brands like Coca-Cola and Adidas have already used Tumblr as an extension of their brand to consistently connect with consumers.

Tumblr’s formatting allows them to be labeled as public websites, meaning their posts and content becomes indexed in search engines. This indexing, allows Tumblr users to reach outside their target markets through other users searching the web. This gives brands the opportunity to post targeted relative content with interrelated tags to reach other communities.