2013 Blogging!

As we almost enter the new year of 2013, it’s always a good time to reflect on the year that has past and what amendments to businesses can be made to improve the company for the year ahead.

An important resource that all businesses should be utilizing is that of blog posting. Blogs have become a useful tool with online marketing and improving company’s SEO and furthermore their online visibility.

So why should each business have a blog come the year 2013?

  • Google thrives on new content. Blogs are generally updated daily giving Google more keywords to feed on. A blog also allows and encourages visitors to delve deeper through the pages of your site, especially if the content is engaging. This also allows for more opportunities to sell to visitors.
  • Having a blog on your website, helps show the company’s personality. It is more intimate way to communicate and build relations and communities. A blog helps promote credibility as well as help define your company’s online presence.
  • It engages consumers and encourages interaction between your brand and the online community. It’s a great way to welcome conversation about products or topical subjects. It will again show your brands affinity and also your online interaction and commitment to your business.