Knowledge Is Power

Planning to build a website is always a big step in further developing your business. Considering the trends of businesses and growing companies, a step towards online and the digital world is a definite step in the right direction for any business. Or if you are assisting a business with optimizing their site, it’s important


AdWords Campaign By Google!

AdWords Enhanced Campaigns is Google’s new attempt to assist advertisers to create campaigns within their AdWords network. With mobile search growing, Google hopes this will aid advertisers to create ads targeted at both Desktop and mobile users rather than solely at those using computers.   The upgrade is planned to commence in the next few


New Facebook App – Tracking Device?

Reports surfaced on Monday that Facebook is in development of a new smart phone app. On the heels of the newly released third tier to the Facebook program – Graph Search. This new app is designed to track friends and where “they’re out and about”.   Facebook currently has the ‘check-in’ function that allows users