What’s In A Name?

When starting up a new business the all important question apart from what will you sell or offer is, what will you be called?! It’s a difficult decision to choose the final name for your business but it is an integral part of your marketing.   So what actually is in a name? It is


Being The Center Of Attention

With millions of websites floating around the wide world web, how do you stand out from the crowd?   With the help of the right tools to direct traffic to your website, you must intrigue the user to delve further into your sight. To grasp and hold on to your consumer’s attention you first must


Protect Your Rankings

It is important to maintain your search engine ranking, especially after all the hard work and effort that has been invested into achieving a worthy result. Using top techniques of SEO to earn coveted ranking on search engine results page (SERP) is unfortunately only half the journey. It’s important to keep up these rankings for